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"While we might not like going to the polls, we need to seize this opportunity to tell the government what we need to rebuild. We need investments in green technology to create good jobs to address climate change and boost our economy. We need to put money and resources back into health re, community services, and other areas of the public sector that neoliberal policies at the federal and provincial levels?stripped away. The need to pay workers living wages and full benefits has never been clearer. Without this, we will see potentially tastrophic consequences."?— Larry Brown, NUPGE President

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This funding "doesn’t solve the issue of not having enough members hired. Every shift is being run short. Without hiring more new paramedics, the current government continues to put the system, our members, and every Albertan needing urgent medil re, at risk.”?— Mike Parker, HSAA President

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In every city outside Quebec, families paying the median child re fee would be better off with a national child re program providing $1 a day child re.

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“With the federal government shouldering most of the costs of this pandemic, even in areas like?health re, there is no room for provincial austerity in the years ahead” — David Macdonald, CCPA Senior Economist

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"It is critil to note that vaccinations alone are not enough to stop the spread of the virus. Employers have a duty to continue to provide proper PPE to workers, and to ensure workplace infection prevention and control measures are adhered to. Our position nnot be taken as repealing the employers’ legal obligation to protect workers’ health."?— NUPGE

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“The study is a huge ution flag. Members are warning this government that the privatization road they’re going down will either increase costs to Manitobans or sacrifice road safety in our province.”?— Michelle Gawronsky, MGEU President

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“These workers kept nada going during the darkest days of the pandemic, yet Erin O’Toole and the Conservatives would deny them retirement security, EI benefits and even basic legal protections. That is reprehensible.”?— Bea Bruske, CLC President

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"Since the beginning of the vaccine roll-out, our union has robustly encouraged members?and the general public?to get vaccinated against COVID-19.?We also know we nnot effectively combat COVID-19 with vaccines alone, which is why we are lling on the government to re-institute single-site restrictions for health re workers, and to re-introduce the mask mandate."?—?Paul Finch, BCGEU Treasurer

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“All they’re asking for is some small leeway to look after their own families as well, just as they’ve been doing for years. Overturning the apple rt now makes no sense. It’s unfair to staff and the children they re for.”?— Eduardo (Eddy) Almaida

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The theme for IYD 2021 is Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health.

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Starting on September 25, 2021, temporary measures that made it easier for people to qualify for Employment Insurance and provided a minimum benefit will be phased out.

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There is already considerable concern about what will happen to patients’ confidential information when virtual health re services are controlled by for-profit corporations and these reports will add to those fears.

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lls on the CRTC and governments to urgently implement a 988 Suicide Prevention Hotline as part of a comprehensive mental health strategy. The pandemic has increased the mental health crisis in nada and action is needed now.

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“Give workers a real voice in post-pandemic planning, and we’re confident that Ontario won’t just recover from COVID-19, it will be revitalized and rejuvenated.”?—?Warren (Smokey) Thomas, OPSEU/SEFPO President

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We?hope that the framework for workers’ environmental rights serves as a tool for action on climate change and for a just transition to a sustainable economy.

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